Recipes Using Cheese

Havarti Risotto Balls - The Cheese Shark

Havarti Risotto Balls

This is a tasty appetizer. Risotto is an Italian rice dish made with broth and simmered to a creamy consistency. A cheese cube is being placed inside a risotto ball, then deep-fried. I am using Havarti, but you can use any semi-hard or hard cheese of your choice.
This appetizer presents nicely and goes perfectly well with a light white wine.

Eggplant Cheese Rolls - The Cheese Shark

Eggplant Cheese Rolls

Eggplant fried in olive oil goes great with goat cheese or cream cheese. This appetizer is easy to make and will impress your guests. A mixture of cheese and sun-dried tomatoes is spread on an eggplant slice, then rolled up. A great looking and delicious appetizer or snack.

What is Raclette - The Cheese Shark

What is Raclette?

The raclette grill is a table grill that allows each person to melt their own cheese in a separate melting dish. On top is a grill where meats, sausages, or vegetables can be cooked. This is a fun and entertaining meal. It is served with small yellow potatoes and white wine or tea. The options for toppings are endless.