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Recipes Using Cheese

Aged Cheddar Hash Brown Melt - The Cheese Shark

Carefully fried golden brown hash browns with an aged cheddar melt on top. Fast and easy to do and always delicious at any time of the day.

Cottage Cheese and Vegetable Medley - The Cheese Shark

This is a refreshing summer dish in a unique presentation. It combines the flavours of red beets, carrots, and lettuce with protein-rich cottage cheese.

Greek Salad with Pita Bread - The Cheese Shark

Greek salad is a summertime favourite. Add your own pita bread and tzatziki dip and it will make a full meal. 

Fennel Salad with Bocconcini

A refreshing salad made with baked fennel and mixed with a variety of fruit and mini Mozzarella balls called Bocconcini. This salad has a rich flavour profile and only uses a simple vinaigrette. Try it out with your homemade Mozzarella!

Brie Crepes - The Cheese Shark

These delicious crepes are quick to make. You can either cut them into appetizer pieces or serve them with salad. Banana peppers add some spice to it, but are optional if you prefer it mild.

Queso Blanco Cheese Dip - The Cheese Shark

These slightly spicy cheese dips are great for dipping or as toppings. If you don’t have access to Mexican queso you can either make it yourself by following our recipe here or you can make the same recipe with mozzarella or ricotta.

Quark makes a light, fluffy cheesecake. Vanilla and lemon juice give it a twist and the crust is easy to make. This is a delicious cake. Try it out with your homemade quark!

Eggplant Cheese Rolls - The Cheese Shark

Eggplant fried in olive oil goes great with goat cheese or cream cheese. This appetizer is easy to make and will impress your guests. A mixture of cheese and sun-dried tomatoes is spread on an eggplant slice, then rolled up. A great looking and delicious appetizer or snack.

Zucchini Focaccia with Brie and Chevre - The Cheese Shark

This is a fun variation of pizza. This focaccia is made with potatoes and has a very fluffy texture. The toppings are simple, tasty, and with our own garlic and yogurt dipping sauce it makes a full meal.

Homemade Baked Macaroni and Cheese - The Cheese Shark

Make your own Mac and Cheese. It’s easy and tastes better in my opinion. This recipe bakes quickly in the dish and adds a wonderful crisp texture to the meal. It calls for goat cheese (or light cream cheese) and cheddar. Try it out with your homemade cheese!

Greek Yogurt Muffins - The Cheese Shark

This recipe makes a deliciously light muffin. It goes great with tea or coffee. Enjoy it plain or topped with jam or honey. Try it out with your homemade Greek yogurt!

Toppings for Raclette - The Cheese Shark

Raclette is a cheese meal where cheese is melted and consumed right away along with potatoes. Originally, half a wheel of raclette cheese was melted on the fire and then the melted layer was scraped off and served. This technique is still used along with all kinds of raclette table grills.

Raspberry Quark Cake - The Cheese Shark

Quark makes a very light cake and goes perfectly with any fruit or berries. This cake has a baked crust and a non baked filling. Alternatively, you can use a ready bake or frozen pie crust. If you don’t have any quark you can use Greek yogurt, a Bulgarian style yogurt, or Skyr.

Peach Yogurt Muffin Tops - The Cheese Shark

Make these deliciously simple muffin tops with your homemade Greek yogurt. This is a great snack or breakfast. This recipe works well with gluten-free flour.

Crispy Paneer Sticks with Peanut Sauce - The Cheese Shark

This is a tasty appetizer that goes well with beer or white wine. Paneer is fun to make and easy to fry because it doesn’t melt. Try this out with your homemade paneer!

Curried Grilled Cheese - The Cheese Shark

Create a delicious grown up style grilled cheese. Using curried onions, mayonnaise and your choice of cheese, you can great a gourmet style lunch. 

Smoked Gouda Cheese Souffle - The Cheese Shark

A fluffy and light, easy to make Smoked Gouda  Souffle. Great for a light appetizer or serve with berries and cantaloupe for a summery dessert. 

Unique Chocolate Cream Cheese Cake - The Cheese Shark

This unique cheese cake is made with regular cream cheese and some goat cheese. This lightens it up and gives it a special taste. You can make it with all regular cream cheese as well.

Pear Cheese Toast Recipe - The Cheese Shark

A super simple appetizer or snack that the whole family will love. Easy to prepare and a fun snack idea when entertaining multiple people. Makes up to 12 pieces. 

Creamy Avocado Dip - The Cheese Shark

Creamy avocado and lime dip, perfect as a dip for fresh bread or veggies. A great way to use your homemade Chevre or Ricotta cheese. Fun and easy appetizer when entertaining guests.

Gluten-Free Cheese Sticks - The Cheese Shark

Cheese sticks are a great appetizer. This recipe is for gluten-free  mozzarella cheese sticks. It is best served hot, right out of the pan. Try it out with your homemade Mozzarella cheese!

How cheese is made - homemade mozzarella

How to make Tomato Mozzarella salad. It is a fun and easy treat to make using your own, homemade Mozzarella. Enjoy!

The Cheese Shark - Recipes Using Cheese

A fun, easy, and beautiful dish to create on the fly. Great display for entertaining, and a fun way to get kids to eat their veggies. Try it out with your homemade cheese!

Swiss Cheese Fondue

Cheese Fondue is a fun, entertaining, and social meal that can be enjoyed with family and friends. The recipes are versatile and can be made to serve any palate. Enjoy some of the Cheese Shark’s favourite recipes.

How to make cheese at home - Ricotta filled mini peppers

A fun dish to make with Ricotta, which is also a fun cheese to make at home. Easy, delicious, and a beautiful display for entertaining guest. Versatile recipe.

How cheese is made- Homemade Feta Cheese

Easy to make appetizer. These popovers are made in a muffin shape and are spiced up with Feta and Jalapenos.

Cheese Filled Cherry Tomatoes - The Cheese Shark

Cute appetizer or side dish idea for entertaining. Cherry tomato halves filled with Chevre or cream cheese.

Cheese Mousse with Nugget Potatoes - The Cheese Shark

Cheese mousse makes great appetizers. The right mixture of sharp cheese, yogurt, and cream yields a fluffy, and tasty topping for potatoes, avocados, or crackers.

Cream Cheese Terrine - The Cheese Shark

A Terrine is a loaf of mixed ingredients that have been cooked or otherwise prepared in advance, then cooled or set in its container to be served sliced. This terrine is made with a ton of cream cheese (yum), cucumber, zucchini squash, corn, and asparagus. It is wrapped in zucchini slices and looks quite attractive. It is served cold.

Havarti Risotto Balls - The Cheese Shark

This is a tasty appetizer. Risotto is an Italian rice dish made with broth and simmered to a creamy consistency. A cheese cube is being placed inside a risotto ball, then deep-fried. I am using Havarti, but you can use any semi-hard or hard cheese of your choice. This appetizer presents nicely and goes perfectly well with a light white wine.