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How to Make Queso Blanco - The Cheese Shark

Queso Blanco in Central and South America is produced under many different names depending on the region. It is generally consumed fresh and often accompanied by fruit or fruit sauces. Queso Blanco comes in 2 types and both are easy to make at home.

How to Make Brie Cheese - The Cheese Shark

Brie cheese is a popular cheese and it is being reproduced all over the world. Brie comes in different shapes, sizes, and flavours. This is my favourite recipe to make Brie at home.

How to Make Blue Cheese - The Cheese Shark

The most popular and well known blue cheeses are Gorgonzola, Roquefort, Danish Blue, and Stilton. Each one has its own characteristics. The below recipe is quite easy to make and will yield a great tasting blue.

How to Make Greek Yogurt at Home - The Cheese Shark

Greek yogurt has become a very popular dairy product. Yogurt is pleasing to the palet, it can be combined with endless flavours, and it has health benefits due to its probiotic properties. It’s fun and rewarding to make yourself.

What is Quark and How it is Made - The Cheese Shark

Quark is a fresh, soft, unripened cheese with the consistency of a thick yogurt. Quark is very popular in central Europe, especially Germany, and is widely used in cooking. It comes in different varieties and can be eaten with a diverse range of foods.

Making processed cheese at home gives you the opportunity to make a cheese spread using only natural ingredients. If you use an orange cheddar your kids will barely notice the difference and you know exactly what you’re feeding them.

The Cheese Shark - Make Mozzarella at Home

Mozza is one of the most consumed cheeses worldwide, especially because of its commercial use on Pizza. This Mozza recipe will make a Mozza that can be consumed right away.

The Cheese Shark - How to make Feta Cheese

Feta is really popular and easy to make at home. It’s a great summer cheese, wonderful on salads and pizza. 

The Cheese Shark - Homemade Le Chevre Frais or Neufchatel Cheese

This cheese is easy to make and works well with homogenized store bought milk. When you make it with goat milk it is called Le Chevre Frais, if you make it with cow milk it is called Neufchatel Cheese. It is a fresh, soft cheese that is spreadable.

The Cheese Shark - Homemade Ricotta or Paneer

This is the easiest of all cheeses. Ricotta is a fresh cheese and can be consumed as soon as it is drained and cooled off. It can be used in savoury or sweet dishes.

How to make cream cheese at home - The Cheese Shark

Everybody loves cream cheese. It’s so versatile. Making cream cheese at home will give you a new perspective on what cream cheese should taste like.

How to Make Paneer at Home - The Cheese Shark

Paneer is a cheese commonly used in the Indian subcontinent and it is basically made the same way as Ricotta. The unique property of paneer is that it doesn’t melt; Therefore, it can be fried or deep fried.

How To Make Bulgarian Style Yogurt - The Cheese Shark

Bulgarian style yogurt originates in Bulgaria of eastern Europe. Similar to Greek yogurt it is high in solids and much thicker than regular yogurt. Bulgarian style yogurt is drained in a cheese bag, which results in higher dry matter.

The history of Cheese - cheese aging

Do you love to try out new and different cheeses? Have you wondered how to store your cheese after opening it? Or would you like to further age your artisan cheese? We show you how to experiment with making a rind or mould ripened cheese.

How to Make Cottage Cheese at Home - The Cheese Shark

Cottage cheese is an all-time favourite. Making it at home is fun and you will find that your own product is more flavourful. Cottage cheese is mainly produced in large factories and is seldom available as an artisan product. This recipe will make you a great homemade cottage cheese.

How to Make the Best Goat Milk Yogurt - The Cheese Shark

Goat milk yogurt doesn’t naturally firm up as cow milk yogurt does. This recipe shows you all the secrets to make a great yogurt with goat milk.