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Yogurt Maker Review

I think a yogurt maker is a great investment. They are not expensive and will make yogurt-making easier and more reliable.

What is a yogurt maker?

When you read any of my yogurt articles, you know that the correct temperature is crucial to make good yogurt. A yogurt maker is a device that holds a few jars of homemade yogurt and incubates them at the ideal temperature.

Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker

This is a very nice unit, good quality at a reasonable price.


  • This model comes with seven 6 oz/ 177 g glass jars. I prefer glass over plastic. They have solid plastic lids that allow you to keep a clean, sealable jar in the fridge. 
  • The unit comes with a thermostat and a timer to turn it off when your yogurt is done. Always double check that your yogurt is firm and tastes sour before removing it from the yogurt maker. The automatic shut off goes by time and doesn’t know if your yogurt is actually done. 
  • The unit has a nice design, is light, and can be easily stored.
  • The glass jars are easy to clean.
  • The glass jars can easily be replaced.
  • The yogurt maker has a competitive price.


  • The unit doesn’t come with a thermometer. I don’t necessarily consider that a disadvantage because often yogurt makers have a cheap thermometer included. I am just mentioning this so you can have a thermometer on hand before you make your first batch.
  • The unit only gives you the option to make seven jars. I would have liked to see a bulk option so you could make one big container as an alternative to 7 small ones.

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