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My Personal Product and Services Reviews

There are so many reviews out there that it is sometimes hard to decide who to listen to. I am a cheese expert, so I hope you will trust my opinion. I am also Swiss and I grew up around cheese and everything that comes along with it.

Also, pocket knives! Maybe I’ll throw in some swiss army knife reviews. I was never into watches, so I’ll leave that to others.

How I create my reviews:

I know a lot about the different brands who manufacture cheese related kitchen gadgets. Many brands are still the same from when I grew up. If I am not familiar with one, I will order it and try it out, but mostly they’re from my personal experience.

Quality is important to me. I don’t believe in saving a buck then spending it again because the item didn’t last. Whatever I recommend will last you. I also look for esthetics when it comes to traditional items like a fondue set. I understand that some people prefer an electric fondue set, but to me, it lacks the feel. 

I would love to hear back from you. Let me know how you like the products I recommend or send me your own recommendations. If you would like me to review a product for you, by all means please ask. 

Have Fun!!

Cheese Making Kits

The Cheese Shark - Artisan Cheese Making Kit

A complete Cheese Making Kit can make a great gift, and it’s a convenient way to get started. I will give you suggestions on how to buy the contents separately, and I will review different cheese making kits. Click below.

Fondue Sets

Swiss Cheese Fondue

A good Swiss fondue pot will last forever. There are many different fondue sets and pots available. You want a fondue dish to be versatile, so you can also use it for meat or chocolate fondues. To view some sets I recommend, click below.

Ready Made Fondue

The Cheese Shark - Easy to Make Fondue

You can’t beat the price of these ready to use fondues. If you buy your own cheese and contents to make it from scratch, your meal will be well above these prices, plus the extra work. If you have guests who have never had cheese fondue, these are what I recommend.

Best Raclette Grills

Raclette Grill Reviews - The Cheese Shark

A raclette grill can be a once in a lifetime investment. We got ours for our wedding almost 30 years ago, and we use it on a regular basis. It still looks and works great. In my opinion, it pays off to buy a unit from a high quality brand that suits your needs and expectations.

Yogurt Maker

Yogurt Maker Review - The Cheese Shark

I think a yogurt maker is a great investment. They are not expensive and will make yogurt-making easier and a lot more reliable.  A yogurt maker is a device that holds a few jars of homemade yogurt and incubates them at the ideal temperature.