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Easy Cheese Fondue Reviews

Easy Made Fondue

Here are a few ready to use, easy cheese fondues that I reviewed.
For home made cheese fondue recipes go to my
Fondue Recipe page.

You can’t beat the price of these ready to use fondues. If you start buying your own cheese, your meal will be well above these prices, plus the extra work.  If we have guests who have never had cheese fondue, this is what I serve. All ready to use products use emulsifiers like locust bean gum, or emulsifying salts like Sodium Phosphate or Potassium Phosphate.

There are four main Fondue brands available in North America, all of them are imported from Switzerland. Three of them come from the same manufacturer, Emmi, the largest dairy producer in Switzerland.

All four are mild and good. They don’t need refrigeration, although they can be frozen and then you can keep them well over the expiry date. They are all 12 oz (400 g) which will feed 2 hungry adults or 3 medium eaters.  All brands contain wine and /or kirsch, however the alcohol will evaporate during heating.

If you are a first time fondue eater I would recommend buying one of these brands. If you want to play with a stronger tasting fondue, you can start mixing in your own cheeses. See my fondue recipe page, Fondue Recipes, for cheese ideas.

Cheese Fondue, Emmi (14 ounces) (2 pack)

Very mild great tasting fondue.  It contains Potassium Phosphate but no Polyphosphates, but it contains locust bean gum.

  • Imported from Switzerland
  • Ready to warm mixture
  • No refrigeration needed
  • Each package contains 14 oz

Swiss Knight Fondue – L’Original From Switzerland, 14 Oz

Identical to the Emmi Cheese Fondue, exactly the same product but different brand name.

  • Premium fondue cheese from Switzerland
  • Made with the original recipe of Swiss Cheeses,
    white wine, and kirsch brandy.
  • Ready to serve in minutes
  • One packet serves two as a meal or 8 as an appetizer

Swiss Castle Traditional Fondue (14 ounce)

This fondue seems to have a bit more cheese variety in it, and has a slightly different taste, although the difference to the ones above is subtle.
It’s a very good fondue mix as well. As emulsifiers, it contains Sodium Phosphate and Poly-phosphate, no locust bean gum.

  • Gather the gang to share a communal meal of Swiss Castle Fondue. Following a traditional Swiss recipe of Emmental, Gruyere and Tilsit Cheeses, wine, brandy and spices. Perfect for a main dish or as an appetizer. Just heat and serve.

Mifroma Swiss Cheese Fondue Original, Heat & Serve, Ready Made (1 Box) 14.oz

This is a good fondue mix as well. It comes from a different manufacturer than the other three. It also contains Sodium Phosphate and Polyphosphate but no locust bean gum. I have seen this brand at half the price of the other three.

  • Heat and serve
    Great for entertaining!
  • Enjoyed as snack, appetizer or satisfying meal.
  • Just pair your favorite food to dip and enjoy!
  • Product of Switzerland

If you are not concerned about added emulsifiers like Potassium or an in my eyes unnecessary ingredient like locust bean gum, then these ready use fondues are extremely price competitive. You can’t make your own fondue mix at that price. A piece of Swiss Gruyere costs as much as the entire fondue mix.
If you prefer a stronger tasting fondue you can always add some stronger cheese, or have a look at my fondue variations in my Fondue Recipe page


How do you like the above products? How is your cheese fondue experience? I would love to hear back from you.

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