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Learn about the history of cheese and interesting facts that might surprise you.

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Learn about the ingredients in cheese and the ancient art of making cheese.

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Cheese Shark shares favourite recipes for making your own cheese at home.

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The Cheese Shark’s favourite recipes using cheese.

Over 30 years as a Swiss-Canadian cheese artisan. Here’s my story.

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What is Processed Cheese?

We are all familiar with brands of processed cheese. Often consumers don’t know the difference between processed cheese and regular cheese and wonder why regular cheese is so expensive. What is in processed cheese and how is it made? With this article, I will shed some light.

Processed Cheese - The Cheese Shark
How to Make Queso Blanco - The Cheese Shark

How to Make Queso Blanco

Queso Blanco in Central and South America is produced under many different names depending on the region. It is generally consumed fresh and often accompanied by fruit or fruit sauces. Follow our step by step instruction to make your own Queso Blanco here.

Fun Fondue Recipes

Cheese Fondue is a fun, entertaining, and social meal that can be enjoyed with family and friends. The recipes are versatile and can be made to serve any palate. Enjoy some of the Cheese Shark’s favourite recipes and get creative with your cheese.

Swiss Cheese Fondue