Benefits of Goat Milk for Dogs

The Cheese Shark - Goat Cheese for Dogs

One Animal Helping Another

When we started our goat dairy in 1993, on an abandoned farm in British Columbia, we needed our herd protected from coyotes, bears and cougars. Our first livestock protection dog was Pino the Komondor, a Hungarian Sheepdog.


Pino had his share of  goat milk and cheese everyday. He lived to be 13 years old. For a large breed of 130 lbs, this is a very good age, taking into account that he lived mostly outside. Our next Komondor, Franky, who was also fed  treats of goat milk and goat cheese lived to be 13, and so did our first English Mastiff, Baghira and our second English Mastiff Leon.

Fermenting the Goat Milk

At first we just fed them leftover milk after milking. Later we started to ferment the milk. We added yogurt bacteria to the warm raw milk and let it ferment. This created a probiotic power drink.

Fermenting milk means that all the lactose gets converted into lactic acid, so it becomes lactose free. A lot of dogs can have issues digesting lactose, so it is very beneficial to let the milk sour.

Later we started to use specific bacteria strains that are known to do well for dogs like: lc lactis, leuconostoc mesenteroides, Bifidobacterium longum and animalis. All these probiotics boost the immune system and can have all kinds of positive effects on the digestive system. They can reduce allergies, kill candida and detoxify.

Cheese production also ferments the milk. Cheese, which is just a day old, has already significantly reduced lactose amounts. All our dogs and cats are being treated with small pieces of cheese .

The Cheese Shark - Benefits of Goat Milk for Dogs and Cats

Benefits of Goat Milk for Dogs and Cats

Goat milk is one of the most complete nutrient sources that exist. It has a near perfect spectrum of macronutrients ( fat, carbs and proteins) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).  For more information on nutrition, check the end of the article. Goat milk is easy to digest and is easily absorbed by the body.

Goat Milk Products as Toppings for Fussy Eaters

Often dogs and cats get bored of their daily ration. A topping like fermented goat milk or goat cheese can do wonders. All it takes is a small piece of cheese crumbled over their kibbles and even the fussiest eater will get hungry.  

Cheese is nothing else than highly condensed milk. Most of the milk’s nutrients make it into the cheese. Out of a cup of milk we get about a 25g cheese treat. Most dogs go crazy over cheese, so be mindful not to feed them too much. Most cheeses are lactose free and also contain beneficial bacteria.

Goat Milk and Goat Milk Soap for Dogs with Skin and Fur Problems

There are well over 100 skin disorders in dogs and most likely a vet analysis and treatment helps. However Goat Milk has high anti-allergenic properties. Often skin problems like itchiness, flakes, or hair loss are caused by dietary issues and goat milk products can help prevent or cure it.

Goat Milk soap is one of the most gentle soaps available. Since dogs lick themselves , we want to make sure to only wash them in completely chemical free products. Goat Milk soap is a natural moisturizer and it protects the skin.  Paired with goat milk as a supplement, it could be the cure for some allergies.

Our Dog and Cat’s Well Being

We all want the best for our four legged friends. In today’s world, we have to be careful what we feed our dogs and cats.  A lot of health problems are caused by compromised food or environmental influences that we can’t change. Goat Milk products can aid in regulating a dogs metabolism. Goat milk can further prevent unwanted health issues from arising, mainly because it has such a positive influence on the gastrointestinal tract.

It’s truly like one animal helping another!

Information on nutritional Facts about Goat Milk


Goat Milk has a large variety of oligosaccharides. These pre-biotics have a huge impact on the digestive system and the hindgut. The combination of these naturally occurring prebiotics and the added probiotics bacteria make fermented goat milk a real superfood.

Alpha S1 casein:

Goat Milk is considered low allergenic. One of the reasons is the low level of alpha 1 -casein, which is a protein found in cow’s milk and can cause intolerance in humans and dogs. Another reason is the high level of polyamines in goat milk, compared to other mammals. Polyamines are crucial for growth, cell function, and can reduce allergic reactions.

Medium and Short Chain Fatty Acids:

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of goat milk is its high content of short and medium chain fatty acids that lead to significant health benefits, especially in the gastro-intestinal tract. Fermented goat milk can help dogs with chronic digestive problems. In addition to the medium and short fatty acids, goat milk shows much higher concentrations of polyunsaturated- , monounsaturated and branch-chain fatty acids than cow’s milk. These types of fatty acids have significant anti-inflammatory effects in dogs.

Goat Milk has tremendous health benefits and it’s a great supplement to feed dogs and cats. Goats are mostly kept on smaller farms, often run by families, and the process has not been industrialized as of yet.

We can recommend the following Goat products designed specifically for dogs and cats:

Raw fermented goat cheese treats with spirulina
(Canada only):

Sourced from the Canadian company Happy Days Dairy, Raw Goat Cheese with Spirulina For Pets is superior quality and freshness. Goats are raised on a nutritious, year-round diet of natural, NON-GMO alfalfa hay (up to 96 % of total diet). They graze freely on pasture and receive a grain ration that includes a protein, mineral and gut health source. The goat milk is also guaranteed to be free of antibiotics and hormones.

This is a must try NEW supplement superfood that is great for both dogs and cats.

The Cheese Shark - Raw Goat Cheese for Pets

To visit their website:

To visit their website:

Daily Enhancer

The daily enhancer is a unique blend of the best ingredients to enhance your pet’s health:

Goat milk is very easy to digest, is high in calcium and vitamin A, and shows properties that prevent arthritis.  Most casts and dogs love it.
Egg Yolk is loaded with vitamins and omega-3-fats. Dogs love the taste of egg! 
Cinnamon is an anti inflammatory. 
Ginger is a great digestive aid.
Camomile relaxes.
Eggshell membrane benefits joint health. 
L.Theanin boosts immune system. 
Bifidobacterium longum is a multifunctional probiotic that helps improve gut flora and assists with the prevention of gastrointestinal diseases. 
Bifidobacterium animalis improves digestion, eases symptoms of diarrhea   
Protease helps digest proteins. 
Lipase helps digest fats. 
Cellulase helps digest fiber (cats and dogs do not have cellulase in their stomach).
Amylase helps digest carbs. 
Papain is an enzyme extracted from papayas (reduces pain, inflammation and swelling). 
Bromelain is an enzyme extracted from Pineapple (anti-Inflammatory, helps with skin allergies.)

The Cheese Shark - Pet Daily Enhancer
The Cheese Shark - Pet Daily Enhancer

To visit their website:

Available in USA only.

Each bar begins its life in the fields of our farm, in the nutrients our goats consume, the best hay, the select feed/grain recipe we use and the overall health of our goats. Premium milk is essential for our soap, and top quality production is no accident.

Not only is our soap “artisan” in nature, but it’s even pedigreed! Where else can you review the pedigrees of the goats who contribute to your soap? Our milk does not come from a can produced by a commercial dairy, it does not come from a dehydrated powder used by most non-goat owning crafters. It is sourced by hand, each and every day. We choose and breed animals with a history of high milk and butterfat production.

A combination of four separate essential oils and our rich recipe. A bar that cleanses sensitive skin gently, rinses clean to prevent dandruff, softens the hair and imparts a clean scent that fleas and flies detest.

The Cheese Shark - Goat milk soap for dogs
The Cheese Shark - Goat milk soap for dogs

To purchase this soap:

Available in USA only.

Nutritious bacon and cheese dog treats containing 100% all natural raw goat milk for dogs as the first ingredient! Goat’s milk is packed with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, probiotics and essential fatty acids – the most consumed milk in the world! Digestive dog treats with easily digestible probiotics that anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties, dog allergy relief, benefits urinary tract health and provides unbeatable immune system support!

The Cheese Shark - Goat milk treats for dogs

To purchase these treats:

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  1. A great post. I really didn’t know goats cheese was good for dogs. I have a french bulldog and he likes his food. this will be a new treat for him. I like that you link to where we can buy such goods. Keep up the good work.

  2. This was a very interesting and informative article about the benefits of goat cheese and dogs. I have two cat that I love dearly and want the best of health for them.
    I’ve never heard of giving them goat cheese before. Do you have any recommendations for a cheese treat I can buy in the US? I noticed you put “Canada Only”…
    I may have to get some for Whiskers and Creamsicle. They love their treats so there’s always hope that they will enjoy these.
    Thanks for sharing. I’ll share this post with my friends who also have pets.
    Best wishes,

  3. Hi Devara, thanks a lot for your feedback. Yes cats do really well on fermented goat dairy. If you have a pet store with a freezer nearby, there are some goat milk products available in the US. One I know of is called primal, they do a fermented goat milk. Another one is A+ Answers, goat milk formula for cats and dogs. all the best!

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